Revealing the surprising appearance of BumbleBee (Transformers) in his own movie

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Despite the reputation of the series Transformers It’s no longer what it used to be, but there’s no denying that the series remains one of the most beloved fighting series over the years. Previously, the company Hasbro once expressed his desire to create a cinematic universe of transforming robots, similar to the famous superhero universe of the house. DC and Marvel. Therefore, in addition to the “Transformers X” films, the company also decided to release their own films about other characters revolving around the film. Transformers. One of them is BumbleBee – the famous yellow car in the series Transformers before.

BumbleBee’s ’80s look

Recently, the producer has released a photo on the set of the lead actress Hailee Steinfeld. She stood next to an old car, with the car’s styling from the 80s of the last century. Based on the color of the car, fans also surmise that this is the autobot BumbleBee. Like Habros announced earlier, the film is set in America in the 80s, the boy Charlie discovered BumbleBee with wounds piled up on his body in a dumpster. The story begins to unfold. Therefore, the shape of this car will probably be changed compared to the version in the series Transformers. Not only that, the supreme leader of the Autobot faction – Optimus Prime was also revealed to appear in Bumblebee’s own movie. Therefore, the fans hope that if the film achieves good box office results, the producer will release more separate films about both of them. Optimus Prime and opponents Megatron.

The female lead Hailee Steinfeld
Optimus Prime


BumbleBee is an “originating” movie, about BumbleBee – a good scout of the Autobot group. When he transforms, he becomes a yellow Urbana 500 sports car with black lines on the body. This model is based on the Chevrolet Camaro model of the character of the same name in the Michael Bay movie “Transformers”. However, the shape of the robot this time is no longer the shape of an extremely trendy Chevrolet racing car like in the previous parts. Transformers before, but it will have a classic look of the 80s. The film is expected to officially hit theaters on December 21, 2018.

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