Summary of JRPG titles from good to “pretty good” of 2017 (Part 1)

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In general, from 2012 up to now, JRPG went through a dark time when there were continuous failures of major game studios and “bomb” titles. It wasn’t until the end of last year, when FFXV was launched, that the market started to prosper slightly, and then ushered in a jubilantly successful 2017. For now, let’s also take a look at the games of this genre this year.

Dragon Quest VIII – Worth playing


The 3DS remake of the game produced since 2004 on PS 2 has really gained high praise from the community when it successfully brought back the “old school” feeling of the JRPG genre. Dragon Quest VIII was once considered the greatest product in the series, and its remake has achieved similar results. The compelling storyline, diverse character lines, “old school” gameplay reminiscent of old memories, all contribute to the success of Dragon Quest VIII 3DS.

Tales of Berseria – Should not be missed


“Tales of” is one of the legendary series of JPRG with countless quality games during its 30 years of development. Berseria has successfully inherited this fine tradition, even promoting it to new heights. Countless positive reviews about the game from the fan community as well as experts are an affirmation for Namco. The story in the game is dark, with a group of “anti-heroes” working together not because of camaraderie or noble intentions, but because they can use each other to achieve their own goals. In addition, the large world and the combat mechanism that is considered to be excellent are also the strengths of the game.

Nier Automata – Can not be ignored


One of the best super products of 2017 is already many super products. The subtle plot with the developer’s messages is cleverly integrated enough to make gamers ponder and think. A huge world with great graphics. The gameplay is diverse, rich and full of creativity. Beautiful melodious songs. It can be said that Nier Automata is a perfect ensemble with almost nothing to criticize. If you’ve played the game, you’ll probably agree with me. What if you haven’t played yet? Try, because it’s really a regret if you skip this super product.

Cosmic Star Heroine – Not too bad


The relatively uneventful combination of Chrono Trigger’s combat system and Phantasy Star’s setting. When it was first released, the game encountered some unnecessary errors that made it lose a lot of points in the eyes of the community. However, over time, after these problems were fixed, the game improved and became an acceptable “food” for gamers who were not too rebellious.

Valkyria Revolution – Controversial


The spinoff version of the hit series Valkyria Chronicles is probably the most controversial game of 2017. For many people, this is the perfect successor to this popular series. For others, the game is a disappointment when it does not balance the character classes or suffers from the shortcomings of the predecessor. Anyway, if you are a fan of the series, you can fully enjoy Revolution while waiting for the release of Valkyria Chronicles 4 next year.

Ever Oasis – Worth playing


Another successful Nintendo 3DS title of the year. Overall, this is an action-oriented JRPG, with murky dungeons that need to be cleared up, plus the addition of city-building gameplay. Everything is blended together quite smoothly and fresh. All in all, if you already own a Nintendo 3DS, then this is definitely a game you should try.

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age – Remake is successful


The PS4 remake of Final Fantasy XII is really a game worth playing for both those who have played or have abandoned the old version of the game. By retaining the essence and mixing in the appropriate new elements, Square Enix has brought its products to life once again. Of the new additions, the X2 acceleration feature is probably the most appreciated feature by the community, as it helps to reduce the “downtime” of the game so that players can focus on more interesting things. All in all, this is a successful remake and really worth playing.

(To be continued)

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