Impersonating Pennywise ghost, GTA 5 gamers scare players to cry blood

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Can be considered GTA Online of the GTA 5 is one of the most popular multiplayer games today when gathering a huge number of gamers. Not only that with a very free open world environment, players in it can freely interact and chat with each other. But that’s why GTA Online appeared weird jokes that made so many people’s hearts flutter..


The story begins with a Youtuber named Azerrz – who is known for his knack for impersonating the voices of real and virtual characters. With the horror movie IT hitting theaters, Azrrz decided to bring his scary voice Pennywise ghost clown straight into GTA Online. Using the public voice chat mechanism, this YouTuber uses his creepy voice to talk to gamers he meets randomly in the game.


And as a result, countless victims fell into the hands of Azrrz. With an ecstatic voice like a Pennywise actually playing the game, it made gamers who accidentally fell into a conversation with Azrrz cried. Not only that, most of this Youtuber’s victims are teenagers who are only 12-13 years old, so when they encounter someone claiming to be Pennywise is famous in every corner of the Internet, the fear is multiplied many times.. Perhaps even when turning off the computer and lying in bed with eyes closed, the image of Pennywise in GTA Online will still come to mind. these boys.

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