Running out of words to moms and dads who love to play games but still don’t forget the task

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For true gamers, once they have embarked on the path of pursuing the game, it is difficult to give up, just like “no one can stop the heart when they have fallen in love”. Eating together, sleeping together, getting drunk with the game are common stories behind a gamer. Among them, many gamers are already fathers and mothers, but still passionate about this fascinating entertainment. From here, there are many wedding stories that bring tears when our parents are busy playing games but still do not forget their duties.

As recently, the image of a mother with milk while holding a sleeping child while directing the master of martial arts as usual makes many people laugh.


Children are very attached to their mothers, they are easy to wake up every time they put them down, maybe that’s why the young mother chose the “2 in 1” way like this.


Women are always said to be more thoughtful than men in child care. Instead of always being meticulous, careful, lifting like raising eggs, fathers seem to be more creative and clever. Typically gamers, to be able to both fulfill their obligations and satisfy their passions, our men can think of hundreds of different ways. But through the photo above, it can be seen that the passion of the sisters is as undying and intense as anyone.

Other parents also used this topic to show off the spirit of “overcoming difficulties” with a passion for games but still did not forget their duties.​

Breastfeeding while playing games


Going out of state also takes advantage of bringing children along


There are even gamers who are exposed by their wives to the group bang like this

Thereby it can be seen that, to balance between responsibility and passion is probably not too difficult a problem for true gamers today. However, there are also many opinions that while taking care of children while using the phone, more or less, the phone signal affects children. So whatever we parents do, we still have to pay attention to preserve and protect the safety of our children first!

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