Schools use games to prevent mass shootings

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If you follow the news, you must have known about the shootings with tragic consequences that took place in the US. More heartbreaking when these shootings still take place in schools where the main target of the perpetrators are students. It is also because they are young that they easily fall into a state of panic when things happen, so they need the help of adults or teachers here to find a place to hide or go to a safe place. whole.


To train teachers in helping students respond to mass shootings, the military and Homeland Security developed a game title. simulation game situation. There the game allows the teacher to control the character in the school setting when the shooting takes place and requires taking certain steps in avoiding the perpetrator.


Specifically, an expert from the military or the Security Department will control the perpetrator model and simulate the situation of the school being attacked. In response to the situation, the character controlled by the teacher can choose actions and dialogues such as “Lie down”, “Climb through the window” or “Hide”.. to guide the students. to a safe location. Not only that, they can also interact with the surrounding environment such as locking the door, using walls and tables and chairs to block the view of the perpetrator.


This is indeed a useful tool that allows schools in the US to be best prepared in the event of a mass shooting. Unlike conventional training sessions, the virtual world environment will provide realistic effects such as gunfire while ensuring the safety of participants. It is expected that this emulator game will be released right this year.​

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