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Molded by Netease Games, who owns two survival games no less than PUBG, Knives out and ROS, this developer understands and captures the current game trend of survival and moba so nothing It is impossible to combine them and indeed this combination is considered quite new, thus creating more attraction than ever.


If you have doubts about the possibility of combining these two genres, you can watch the video below, indeed the NetEase team is extremely creative.

Because it is the nature of a MOBA game, when entering the game, players will be able to choose heroes with different skill sets, and yet you can also design your own characters such as hairstyles or weapons. MOBA is the main genre, so you can’t parachute to land on a certain map, but the game also no longer divides the map into two parts and forces you to go to the tower but here, 100 people will be sent. Go to an island, after collecting the initial weapons or armor, your task is simple, kill the remaining opponents and become the winner.


Not only possessing a novel gameplay, but the game’s graphics are rated as not inferior to any other game when possessing 2.5D graphics, besides with a top-down view, players are completely assured when entering. In a building or loot hidden items, you can see that the game’s blind spot is almost nonexistent. The operation of the game is quite simple, even those who are exposed to the moba genre for the first time will completely get used to it after a few times. With the skill sets in the game, you can freely combine to form combos, increasing the damage feature for the enemy.


On March 9, the game was officially opened for testing on both Android and iOS platforms, you can register at the link below.

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