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Thien Sinh Realm – The first half game possesses captivating graphics

The genre of the first half is no stranger to many role-playing game players, who are loved not only by the diverse gameplay of this genre but also by the sceneries and character images of the game. Of course Immortal Heavenly Born did not disappoint players when building on 3D graphics and indispensable scenes that captivated people.


The game includes 3 career classes, but currently only introduces players to two occupations: mage and swordsman. Each profession has its own skills and forte such as swordsman mainly using sword weapons, forte is attack and defense, favoring physical attack. The mage with a staff weapon can summon lightning bolts to launch at his opponent, his forte is attacking, focusing on knocking down the opponent.


As a role-playing game, of course the game also owns similar systems such as marriage, PVP, PK, world Boss… The game’s fashion system is quite diverse with costumes that make gamers play. game because beautiful certainly could not be more satisfied. Besides, the PVP system will bring you top-notch and extremely beautiful battles.


According to the plan, the game will open for testing on the Android platform on May 11 with many rich activities and gifts waiting for you to experience, if you are a lover of fairy games, this is a game. satisfy you both in terms of look and gameplay system.


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