Part Time UFO – Super “kute” Mobile Game caused Mobile storm

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Part Time UFO is a rather strange game, from styling to style 8-bit games to its content. The game requires players to perform a variety of seasonal jobs to earn money, and then use that money to shop. All must be done through a flying saucer controlled by aliens.


I don’t understand why this alien is so “poor” on Earth that he has to do all kinds of odd jobs, from serving tables, to porters, to dancing and cheering. All missions are done through 2 hooks attached to the bottom of the flying saucer. The whole game Part Time UFO like the synthesis of many mini-games.


Part Time UFO game trailer

With the money earned, the aliens will use to buy things, including decorations for flying saucers and new skills. New devices will help flying saucers perform even more tasks. Players can even show off their shopping results like a fashion show, with the model as the flying saucer.

The game is released for both iOS and Android platforms.

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