Hurry up and get the shooting game in style.. PUBG

BTLtt1 - Emergenceingame

Re-War : Territorial War known in English as Refight: Burning Enginemolded under the hands of ShanDong HongYang company, this continues to be a game of the 3rd-person Battle Royale genre that is so familiar today.


If you are worried that there are too many survival games competing for production and all games are the same, then cheer up because the game is no longer a battle of the flesh but will be giant armored tanks with each other, the rules remain the same, fight until you are the last.


Still a familiar skydiving style, players will be dropped into a large map and this map is not too strange for many players, everything is exactly the same. PUBG or ROS, but the difference is only replacing people with tanks.


Currently the game is only tested for 50 players to participate and in the future this number may increase. Applying Unreal Engine 4 and the physical movements are meticulously researched by the development team, so the collisions are very realistic. The game is in beta and the code is available on the official website, you can visit the page below to receive the code and participate in the test:

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