7 Dragon Balls – The Truth about Level 5 Super Saiyans

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Until now, decades have passed since the first time 7 Dragon Balls typing.. many people still believe in the existence of Super Saiyan level 5. Born in 1999, the image of a Saiyan warrior with long white hair and an arrogant stance has been imprinted in fans’ minds for many years… But in fact, that image is just one of them. history tricks of the entertainment industry, a mistake that many people still wish it was true.


The image of a Level 5 Super Saiyan first appeared in the press in 2000, although it was officially created more than a year earlier. Many newspapers at the time claimed that this was the next level of Super Saiyan transformation, surpassing the power of Level 4 Super Saiyan with black hair and a characteristic beast image. This image is said to be part of a movie project.”Dragon Ball AF” with writing by Toriyama himself.


But at that time few people knew it was just a trick… Actually the image of Super Saiyan level 5 was made by David Montiel Franco – a Spanish artist, as a Fanart above. Hobby Consolas magazine was published in May 1999. However, a Western Web site took a picture of the magazine and immediately confirmed the existence of a Level 5 Super Saiyan with typical white hair.. something that didn’t really appear until 19 years later Goku reach the Ultra Instinct realm.


Perhaps because the Internet was not popular at that time and the way to verify information was not much, this information immediately spread among the fan community. Not only that, the animation company Funimation also added fuel to the fire when it came to Super Saiyan level 5 in the English dub of Dragon Ball GT (Actually a level 4 Super Saiyan). However, after a long time passed when the painting was identified as the author, people knew that this was just a trick of some website and was exaggerated by Funimation.


However the effect of Super Saiyan level 5 created a whole new wind in the fan community. Although never officially considered, images of warriors with majestic and arrogant silver hair are constantly appearing in famous Fanmade cartoons. It proves the fans’ undying desire for a whole new level of evolution, a pure evolution with Goku’s Saiyan bloodline.

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