Red Dead Redemption 2 suddenly revealed a series of new gameplay details

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Red Dead Redemption 2 forced to open pre-orders soon after the expansion contents were revealed by the retailer. While the PC version of the game is yet to be confirmed, the list of new items, gameplay, and content added to the console version also gives a fuller view of the new world coming from the game. Rockstar Games.


First of all, it was a system that controlled the items used to restore health and the Dead Eye bar. Some of these items and the War Horse “much braver and more durable than normal horses” will be included in the Survival Kit, for gamers who register to buy the game early.

The amount of bonus money is promised to be enough for the main character Arthur Morgan to “buy weapons, food, a bunch of useful items and ammunition”. This means that these essential items can be purchased in the in-game shop, rather than just coming from a hunting source.


A treasure hunt map also appears in the list, showing that the exciting adventure of the first game will continue to appear in the next game. Red Dead Redemption 2. Similar is the re-emergence of other mechanics like Dead Eye and Honor. In addition, observant gamers have noticed that Rockstar Games spends a lot of effort so that games from the same company can “interact” with each other. Specifically, the treasure hunt was held in GTA Online In December last year, the event that gave gamers the reward was a pistol that was transferred to the game Red Dead part 1.

The game will almost certainly have some content taken from GTA5. Currently, we only know that the special version of the game will have some more missions in the story mode, including “a mission to rob a bank, when Arthur and some comrades came up with an idea. recklessly about a raid and bank robbery south of the town of Rhodes. Elsewhere, the Del Lobos gang cleaned up another gang’s headquarters and plundered what they could rob.


In addition, the Ultimate Edition includes additional content and online content – ​​which could be the first step towards an MMO game. If you accept to buy this most expensive version, gamers are also given a theme called “Survivor” to decorate their camp. Bonus items can help the character quickly reach rank 25 on the game-wide ranking system.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is expected to release many game versions with different prices and content. Therefore gamers should double check which version it is, Special Edition or Ultimate Edition.​

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