Anthem – A blockbuster RPG with a bomb release date

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Right before E3 2018, developer Electronic Arts held an EA Play event, announcing the release date for Anthem on February 22, 2019. Anthem is the title shooting game combined ARPG do BioWare perform. The game emphasizes the interactive feature between the player community. Gamers can customize Javelin exosuits (a type of full-body combat armor), team up to explore and fight in a world that is no longer the same.


In Anthem, each team has a maximum of 4 members, performing quests to explore and fight in designated locations. Besides the original story of the developer, gamers can create new experiences for themselves. Javelin exosuit armor has built-in flight features, has its own attributes depending on the suit, and comes with heavy weapons. Gamers are allowed to customize and personalize each armor, using additional equipment and external “paint job” decorations.


Anthem intro trailer

From now on, Anthem Pre-orders have begun. Early purchasers receive an additional VIP login, including the in-game “Founders” banner. Every gamer buys the basic version early Anthem All receive a Legendary Weapon and a “Dawn Armor Pack” for Ranger Javelin.​

Introducing Anthem at EA Play

In addition, the game also has a “Legion of Dawn Edition” version with more gifts attached. Gamers who purchase this version will receive the entire “Dawn Armor Pack”, plus the Ranger Javelin set, in-game soundtracks and many other gifts.


Anthem scheduled to release on February 22, 2019 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStaion 4. Gamers who attended Origin Acccess Premier were the first to experience the PC version from the 15th. EA gamers followed. Access and Origin Access Basic are allowed to play the Play First version 10 hours before its release.​

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