Review Vampyr – Worthy of the image of a Vampire?

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Vampy is the title RPG game from Dontnod – the management unit of another very popular game is Life is Strange. However, this studio is almost exclusively focused on developing games of the narrative genre – the only attempt they have ever made outside of this genre is Remember Me – a potential game released in 2013 but was not well received. With Vampyr, Dontnod is looking to return to the action game market, exploiting a Gothic storyline, set in London society during the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918.


In Vampythe gamer plays the role of Doctor Jonathan Reid – who is half-blooded vampire. Reid faces an instinctive need to “eat” while continuing to work as a doctor and hiding his true identity. The game has a lot of options for each situation, including choices in each dialogue, each choice affects how people around Reid feel.

For combat sequences, gamers are given the choice of when to kill a character, or when to drop the object. Each choice needs to consider the effort to hide his identity, but the cases of combat are many.


In general, Vampyr is highly appreciated for its content and context, but has not really excelled in the combat system and configuration. Here are the ratings and scores of some news sites when it comes to Vampyr:

VG24/7: “A masterpiece with forgivable flaws”.

IGN: 7. “Vampyr focuses on a great sense of contrast. You’ll see the solemn and dignified formalities of the British aristocracy of the 1900s contrasting with the dull ugliness of the city. Even the main character is a doctor who has just turned into a vampire, Dr. Jonathan Reid is caught between the scientific understandings of modern humans and the supernatural world that has just suddenly been revealed.

Gamespot: 7. “There are many games that can incorporate ethical choices into the themes of survival and power. But there are very few games that can embed morality alongside the allure of evil so perfectly, or so to speak, at the heart of gameplay like this.”

EGM: 8. “Vampyr is a series of contradictions, partly due to what is destined, and partly to what seems like a coincidence. Wrestling between killing and healing, between fighting and talking, between selfishness and sacrifice, from the beginning Vampy was a paradox, and there was a contrast even between its great strengths and its fatal weaknesses.”

Polygons: “Vampyr puts players on the front lines, in the midst of a confrontation between science and faith. The doctor is here to help Londoners most of the time. But on the other hand, you have a death list that includes the religious leaders of this city.”

PCGamer: 68/100. “Vampyr possesses a lot of interesting and meaningful elements. The London setting condenses the atmosphere in buildings blurred behind the mist, cobbled streets dark and oppressive. But the title seems to have problems with itself, changing abruptly from strong and intense storylines to boring and mundane action. Players also do not feel interested in Reid, a dark and serious person who seems to have been sucked out of him and what is left of his humanity.”​

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