The game that followed the Logan Paul scandal was killed by Microsoft

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In the past time, you must have heard about the case of Youtuber Logan Paul and the clip was filmed in Aokigahara – Japan’s notorious suicide forest. In this clip Logan Paul filmed a person who committed suicide in this forest and uploaded it directly to Youtube with a very ridiculous and offensive attitude.. This caused netizens to raise a wave of strong protests, sparking the controversy. A series of events then demanded that YouTube delete Logan Paul’s Channel.

Later, the case began to sink when Logan Paul apologized and stopped working on the Channel for a while. Many people think that it is simply a trick of Logan Paul before “horses get used to the old way”. However, in general, this incident has gradually subsided on the Internet, but a recent incident has caused this topic to be discussed again, especially in the gaming world.


Accordingly, a developer recently released a “sarcastic” game on the download store of Xbox Name The Suicide Forest. Read through to know who this game is referring to and what has just happened on the Internet recently.

However, when it appeared on Xbox not long ago Microsoft immediately “dropped” this game and removed it from the download store. The reason given by Microsoft is that the game content does not match the regulations on the download store. It is worth mentioning that before being removed from Xbox, this game was labeled PEGI 3, which means that Europe’s playing age regulation is 3 years or older.


This is indeed a bad image from the makers of this game as well as Microsoft itself. Even if the target is “sarcastic”, there are topics that should not be used because it directly affects people’s lives and is very misleading. For Microsoft’s part, not strictly testing uploaded products and having them labeled PEGI 3 is indeed a huge omission.

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