Red Dead Redemption 2: Build a Super Realistic Wild World

Yesterday title action game The open world has just released information about the wild animals in this game. Accordingly, this game will build a large wild world with more than 200 different animal species, which can be named typical species such as: American alligator, Tennessee horse, grizzly bear, sturgeon. , the Gila monster (one of the most venomous lizards living mainly in North America), the Morgan horse. Players can freely learn about wild animals, of course, they can also shoot and tame horses.

When hunting, if the player cannot stab a fatal blow, the game will run away, the player can trace the blood to find them.” class=”lazy bbCodeImage LbImage” alt='[​IMG]’/>

Red Dead Redemption has nineteen different horse breeds, in addition to the aforementioned Tennessee and Morgan horses, there are also Appaloosa, Arabian, Shire and many other North American wild breeds. With different horse breeds, players need to use different control methods, and they also have their own personality. Players can catch horses in the wild, but note that these horses can run away, if you don’t want to waste time chasing a horse, you can also buy them at the stables. horses, or can use other more evil methods, such as stealing, don’t forget this is the Western world without rules.​

Stables are not only a place to buy horses, players can also sell and send their horses here, and buy food and tonics to temporarily increase their longevity and fitness, players also have You can buy pedals and saddles to improve your horse control, of course you can also guide your beloved horse here to take care of their appearance only.

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The bond between the player and his horse is an expression of trust and understanding, by the process of constantly nurturing and caring, the bond between the player and his horse will become stronger and stronger, from then on the horse. can get a longer lifespan and faster speed, the player will also get the skills and rewards that this link brings.


Read Dead Redemption 2 will officially release on October 26 on Xbox One and PS4 platforms

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