Capcom Super League Online – Mega Man shakes hands with Devil May Cry in a super awesome RPG game

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Capcom is one of the biggest names of the world gaming village with countless hit game series gathering millions of players. These Mega Man, Street Fighter, Castlevania nice Devil May Cry is an eloquent example of the power of the company Japanese games hey.. And now Capcom is pushing its power even further with the official announcement Capcom Super League Online.

So what is Capcom Super League Online? Capcom Super League Online is a title RPG Collect Hero with a huge amount of characters spanning all of Capcom’s famous game series. Here gamers can form squads that gather monuments that have been associated with the history of the virtual world as well as their own childhood.


Capcom Super League Online there will let players go along with Mega Man, Ryu, Chun Li, Dante or Phoenix Wright – The lawyer guy from the hit Ace Attorney series. All of these famous characters will enter the same world, allowing players to collect and build the most powerful armies in their hands.


In terms of gameplay, Capcom Super League Online applies a turn-based RPG formula with a tactical checkerboard system. There gamers can arrange the squad, put the character on the frontline combat or support the backline, thereby creating an advantage against the enemy team. Of course, each character can completely develop and upgrade their strength and skills over time, allowing gamers to face real-life players through the massive PvP system.


Currently Capcom Super League Online is currently being deployed by Kakao Game in Korea and has no official release date in the international market. However, Emergenceingame.Com will continuously update information about this game for readers as soon as possible.​

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