Manga H5: Relive childhood memories with superhero battle

Surely each of us, everyone has enjoyed seeing superheroes, warriors with extraordinary strength fighting to protect justice. Then you also imagine there will be a time to immerse yourself in those battles, to play the role of a superhero to save the world.” class=”lazy bbCodeImage LbImage” alt='[​IMG]’/>​

If before, we could only see these characters through comic books and movies. Now, each gamer will officially be immersed in the battle of superheroes in the form of enchanting cards, with Manga H5.


When introducing the first information, Manga H5 quickly received the attention of the gaming community in this cross-platform genre.


Following the success of previous H5 games such as Sword Spirit H5, Farm H5,… Manga H5 was born, bringing the whole childhood sky full of fun, dear but equally dramatic.


The first familiar point of Manga H5, which is a diverse and unique character class. Here, you will meet the “childhood” warriors like Songoku, Vegeta, Freeze in Dragonball, or the legends of the Three Kingdoms such as Lu Bo, Dieu Boat, Cao Cao, etc. It is thanks to the variety and balance. With this license, players can freely choose their favorite characters to create an exclusive “squad”.


Thanks to its witty, cute, and player-friendly graphics, Manga H5 brings fun and comfort through each card, each battle. However, the game still brings a sense of dramatic combat through difficult Boss battles, or brainstorming PvP battles.


Compared to the manga genre games on mobile that have been released before, Manga H5 has many advantages. This game has more than 200 character classes, with a total of thousands of skills. Each character has its own set of active and passive moves, creating a variety of distinct fighting tactics, not mixed with any style.


Not only that, with the advantage of multi-platform play of the H5 genre, gamers will not be limited to any factors in terms of device, time, … Rest time, when working, anywhere you can still follow up and develop your character in Manga H5.


Convenience, fun graphics, diverse characters, rich skills and tactics, etc. Manga H5 opens 2018 with a lot of uniqueness, marking the strong return of the H5 genre. this is very popular.

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