Received a VIP code to celebrate the launch of Swordsman VNG

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After a testing period, today, Sword Guest VNG has officially launched the gaming community. This is webgame MMORPG features a novel storyline, about an assassin who goes through a series of dangerous missions to find a way to assassinate Qin Shi Huang. Sword Guest impresses with vivid graphics from landscapes to PK effects, equipment …, giving gamers the feeling of being immersed in the character’s world.


For gamers who have experienced the Alpha Test version of Swordsman, most are probably overwhelmed by the massive equipment system. With 10 unique equipment items from Dark Air, Soldier Soul, Spirit Weapon – equipment that directly affects PK skills, to Dressing, Riding Animal, Mask, Dragon Soul … to help support and increase combat power for the character. Besides, the mission system for players to experience at Swordsman VNG is also full of faces. From individual missions, to clan missions, sects, and even server-wide Dai Chien Faction… all create a lively world where players can unleash PK and exchange friends.

On the occasion of the launch, VNG Swordsman sends to gamers a series Giftcode extremely special.

Let’s enjoy the PK moments together as well as experience the unique world of VNG Swordsman today!
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