Last Man Sitting – Laughing out loud with PUBG super version

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In the past few years, the battleground game is causing a fever around the world, especially the appearance of PUBG and then a series of games of the same genre sprang up like mushrooms after the rain. Before the attraction of this genre, it is impossible not to mention the name Last Man Sittingbelongs to survival shooting but it will be completely different from the games you played before and very muddy.


Last Man Sitting is developed and published by Pixel Pizza, in this game, you only have to sit on the swivel chair of the office, move and use weapons to defeat other opponents in the game screen. . Recently the official trailer of the game has been revealed, compared to the previously revealed images, the game still does not reduce the level of madness as its name.

The story of the game takes place in an office, players will play the role of office boys wearing an elegant suit. The game is no longer about using 4 WASD buttons on the keyboard to move like other games, here players will be stuck in a rotating chair, if you want to move you have to use weapons or objects around to create. The jet helps the chair move in the opposite direction. Through the trailer above, you must have admired the muddy level of the game. Perhaps through this game, maybe many office workers come up with a game to relieve stress during working hours.


It is expected that the game will be released soon in 2018 on the Steam platform, currently all information about the game has not been revealed much, the game will surely give you dramatic action scenes but indispensable laughs. because of the silliness. All the latest news about the game will be updated the fastest by Emergenceingame.Com.​

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