Play Nine Yin on PC to fully feel the soul of a true swordplay world

Graphics + standard swordplay music, fine-tuned shooting angle
As a 3D game that received many compliments at the ChinaJoy game fair, The Nine Yin Chan Kinh There are realistic scenes, combined with typical swordplay music, giving players the feeling of being incarnated into a gypsy.” class=”lazy bbCodeImage LbImage” alt='[​IMG]’/>​

The important thing is the synchronization between graphics and music, giving a feeling that is very suitable for each character context in the game. It is possible to mention the pure green space, the joyful music of nature when walking around outside Chengdu. It is the color of the barren land, the sad song when you step into the Cai Bang or the desert. It is the call of a dark, murky place when you get lost in the Co To sect or an abandoned cave.


And to enjoy that panoramic beauty, gamer Cuu Yin must be grateful to NSX Snail for designing the feature to fine-tune the camera angle. With the mouse wheel, gamers can completely “zoom out, zoom in” to research, capture and record videos from overview to details of reed branches when the wind blows, peach petals falling by the lake. . Looks very “deep”.​​


Self-filmed ingame 100% by gamer Nine Yin Chan Kinh

Fine-tuned camera angles and realistic graphics on PC also facilitate the production of self-recorded movies with picture quality and content that meet the “Hollywood pond village” standard – a funny way of saying the Nine Yin Chan Kinh community.

Massive martial arts treasure, freedom to build characters
When it comes to the Nine Yin Chan Kinh, one must mention the massive martial arts treasure and very close to the Kim Dung and Co Long novels. These Sutras have more than 100 sets of martial arts, from the eight great sects to the forces and hidden world. With each skill set having 7-8 similar moves, to the ability to switch from one set to another, gamer Nine Yin Chan Kinh completely creates for himself thousands of different combos.


In addition, with over 80 copies of the secret tribulation, and a rich meridian system, it was really difficult to predict a player’s overall strength. The key point is the ability to continuously ordained a counter-master, allowing one to freely learn and combine the advantages of many factions to strengthen one’s own combat power. Because of this, the Nine Yin Chan Kinh does not have a ladder to evaluate a player’s combat strength. A person with a higher internal attack rank could completely be beaten down by an opponent with a much lower internal attack rank.


Along with the freedom to build character strength, the comfort in the style of action is also focused by the Nine Yin Chan Kinh. The category of chivalry/evil has never been so fully expressed in the swordplay world. In addition to the title Hiep – Evil based on the level of crime, causing social evils such as kidnapping, assassination, killing good people, etc. The gamer community is also very interested in the title Cuong – Ta too. The perpetrators will receive the punishment of the government, are hunted by the ministries – played by the player, punished by repentance or kicked out of the master’s door.

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Various, complex and unpredictable combat maneuvers
If you are a gamer who likes the hardcore genre, you will pay great attention to the combat manipulation in the Nine Yin Chan Kinh. The reciprocity in the set of moves, including Real – False – Breaking, combined with a huge treasure of martial arts has created extremely complex and unpredictable PK matches.


To win, you must not only pay attention to the damage, but also pay attention to every millisecond to put the mouse pointer in the right direction, press the correct skill key. If you choose correctly, you will give the opponent a bunch of combos that can’t be resisted, and vice versa, if you’re wrong, the one who “stalks” is yourself.


The complexity of combat manipulation is also raised to a higher level when you have to fight opponents who know how to use air attacks. The opponent can completely fly up to avoid the skill and then suddenly approach with a combo attack. Or maybe you are next to each other, also fly up and then release a combo right in the air. In short, in order to achieve the goal of victory, a combination of intelligence, tactics and opportunity seizing, with a good mouse-keyboard set is indispensable.


In short, only with graphics – standard swordplay music, wide open play angle, diverse free play, hardcore standard combat operations have somewhat evoked the soul of the authentic swordplay world. All the quintessence of Kim Dung, Co Long are gathered in the Nine Yin Chan Kinh and players can only enjoy these on the computer.

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