Blizzard will “kill” Overwatch heroes one day

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“Heroes never die” is one of Mercy’s most frequent lines, but her creators think otherwise. Jeff Kaplan, project lead Overwatchsay that at some point, Blizzard may “death” the Hero of the game. However, they will remain “alive” after death.

When asked if Blizzard really wants to “kill” a Hero in Overwatch permanently, Kaplan shared: “Our team argues with each other about this all the time. Should we “kill” a character? If so, who would it be?“. That’s entirely possible, says Kaplan, but with one precondition: If a character dies in the story, they’ll still be playable in the game.

Death has yet to name anyone in the standard Overwatch roster

“We won’t remove any heroes from the list,” asserted Kaplan. “No one needs to worry about this.

When asked how such a death would affect the game, Kaplan gave an example of a non-hero character: Gerard Lacroix – Her husband Widowmaker. He died when Widowmaker made himself a “widow”, but still has certain influences in the events of the past timeline.
There is a chance that the heroes of the standard Overwatch lineup will die“_Kaplan said_”We set the stage for that with characters like Gerard, Widowmaker’s husband. He’s a very unique character that you’ll see more of in the “Retribution” comic. Gerard played an important role in this event, but has since ceased to exist in the game’s main timeline.”

Widowmaker made himself a widow

In addition, Kaplan also shared that although players have had access to Overwatch’s cast of characters for the past 3 years, they still don’t really understand these heroes to be able to see how seriously anyone is affected. that must die.

Players still don’t really understand who they are“_Kaplan shares more_”They need to know more about the back stories of the characters. It will have to be a worthwhile (death) moment, not just a tool for us to shake the hearts of players, because after all, death is a very quick and convenient way to collect response from everyone.”

Overwatch has just launched its latest event Retribution today, opening the door for players to take part in the quest of the same name from eight years ago. According to initial evaluation, this is an interesting game mode that anyone who loves Overwatch cannot ignore.

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