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Ninja thinks content creators should get special treatment

FaZe Jarvis Is one gamer Fortnite 17 year old professional, one YouTuber and is a member of FaZe Clan. At least until he makes the decision to use the software aimbot in a video and then get the command Fortnite banned forever.

Since then, the gaming community has pretty much discussed this issue, with Ninja give an opinion that ban is not fair because of people content creation should be behave in a different way, because they depend on gaming for income.

In stream his game, Ninja shows he starts off strong with some solid arguments before things get going.


Ninja expressed his personal opinion during the stream

He opens by saying that Jarvis was a “stupid kid who made a stupid mistake”, which many people can recognize. This was followed by the argument that the aimbot was being used in casual play, not a paid tournament or tournament. While Ninja thinks Jarvis faces some consequences, he feels that a short-term ban would make more sense.

The problem comes when the conversation continues. Ninja is playing with Reverse2k, DrLupo and clkzy and they don’t seem to share their opinions. The point is made that if it was an anonymous person doing it then surely many people would call for such a strict ban, so why should Jarvis be “mitted” just because he is famous?


FaZe Jarvis

Others also made a point of showing people how cheating works and how “how much fun it was” could be seen as worse when it comes to the consequences. It is also mentioned that as a professional gamer, he should know well that hack banned and will get him in trouble. At this stage, Ninja switched tactics and began to discuss how important he feels content creators are.

The conversation quickly descends into a discussion of bias, with Ninja discussing Logan Paul as a prime example. It is here that his words become all the more ambiguous when he talks about banning a “too young child” which is very different from someone with “millions of subscribers”. He believes “it should be handled a little differently”.

When Ninja became angrier, he felt he should treat especially with people who rely on gaming for income, despite the fact that these are people many feel should know better and set an example for others.

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