How to make the game console never collect dust?

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Have you ever opened someone’s computer case in and out and panicked when you saw the layer of dirt clinging to the wall, feeling like you could peel off each piece with your hand? If you’ve been, you probably understand how busy dust affects your computer. It not only creates an unsightly image, but also directly affects the life of the PC.

The layer of dust that builds up over time will make the cooling system unable to work effectively, even unable to keep up with the amount of heat emitted from the machine. Until a point when that heat becomes too great, the CPU will stop working and every few times your computer can only be a few pieces more than a piece of junk. Because of that problem, Emergenceingame.Com has a few tips and guides to help keep your gaming computer clean and dust-free, thereby saving you from having to spend less money to replace “spare parts”.


Prevention is better than cure

As mentioned above, it is better to take precaution than to have to spend a ton of dust later on the computer. Currently on the market there are many models of computer cases equipped with dust filters for fans, such as NZXT, Fractal Design or Thermaltake. These dust filters are designed to be easily removed from the fan frame, allowing you to take it out for regular cleaning.

Even if the computer case is not equipped, you can still buy these nets separately from the market. Just go to Google and search for the keyword “fan dust filter” or “computer fan dust filter” and you can have affordable options for yourself (only a few tens of thousands of dollars). Even if you don’t want to buy it, you can still make your own dust filter, from the fabric of the pants is the simplest and most effective. Only you have to remember to remove it continuously because the layer of dust left on the mesh for too long will make it impossible for the wind to circulate.


A second thing you need to do is if you smoke, avoid lighting it near the machine or in the room where it is. Because very small cigarette butts can follow the air into the computer, adding an unnecessary layer of dirt. For those who keep cats and dogs in the house, depending on the conditions, keep them outside the machine room and clean the machine regularly. This is also a major cause of not only computers and electronics getting dusty and furry.


In addition, you should also keep the computer case always higher than the ground, avoid placing it on the floor or on a shelf close to the floor. It is best to place it on a table that is level with the screen, thereby preventing dust on the floor from being caught inside the computer.

When deciding to clean the machine, you should also pay attention to the following things. The first is to disconnect all connections to the computer. The whole thing here is the power cord, screen cable, keyboard cable, mouse, speaker ..etc.. all. Then bring the case outside to clean. The reason for this is simply because no matter how much you sweep the dust off the Case without taking it out of the room, the dust will still come back after a while.


In addition, the most important thing is not to use household vacuum cleaners – blowers to clean the computer. Why? Because these machines are not designed for use with electronics such as computers. It can completely charge and release them into the sensitive microchips in the machine. In the worst case, you may have to throw the motherboard or video card in the trash. It is best to use compressed air aerosols and not shake them before use. If shaken there is a high risk that the compressed air inside will turn into liquid and you don’t want to spray them on your computer at all..

Emergenceingame.Com wishes you luck with these tips to clean your computer from dirt, thereby having a better gaming experience.​


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