PUBG welcomes QBU – New sniper rifle on Map Sanhok

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PUBG With the introduction of Map Sanhok, it has created a new fever in the game industry Battle Royale. With a smaller area than Erangel and Miramar, Sanhok allows gamers to constantly immerse themselves in gunfights and feel the true tension in PUBG. Not only that Bluehole also continuously revised and updated content for Sanhok, such as removing terrain errors on the map and introducing a completely new vehicle called Rony.

However, that is not the only “goods” that the developer brings into Sanhok. Accordingly in its latest announcement, Bluehole and PUBG Corp has just officially introduced to gamers a completely new sniper rifle. Yes that is QBU… QBZ’s brother.


As some readers know, QBU is a DMR-class weapon with a Bullpup design similar to QBZ, AUG A3 or Groza. The key point of this design is to put the barrel lock and cartridge behind the trigger, which enhances mobility by shortening the total length. QBU uses 5.56 ammo with standard 10 rounds on ice. Using the extended magazine will push this number to 20.


Replacing Mini 14 in Map Sanhok, QBU has the lowest damage compared to the entire DMR line. However, in return, this gun has the highest bullet speed, up to 990m/s. Even the SLR is far behind this gun in terms of bullet speed. However, the QBU has a unique feature that no other DMR has. There it is equipped with a default kickstand, allowing to reduce recoil and increase the stability of the projectile when lying down. In addition, QBU will reduce 1 accessory slot compared to its peers when not allowing gamers to install Cheek Pads.


In fact, QBU was once revealed in PUBG’s E3 2018 trailer in parallel with the bullet shield, but only today has this weapon officially been confirmed by the developer. There is currently no official release date of QBU on Map Sanhok but gamers hope it will soon be put to the test in a short time.


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