Joker’s mysterious identity will soon be revealed by DC in a separate movie?

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Fans of DC Surely everyone knows that Joker is a madman with a very mysterious background. Almost no one knows about the truth of his life, who are his parents, have any siblings or not? All the stories that people heard were information released from his own crazy words or someone else’s fabrication. Like in the movie The Dark Knight, every time he meets someone he tells a story about his origin, each different person has a completely new version. So, the movie’s own information Joker In the near future there will be the appearance of his mother, making the fans feel extremely curious and excited.

Joaquin Phoenix as Joker

Before killing Gambol in The Dark Knight, Joker spoke of his father, a follower who was “addicted to alcohol and very cruel”. He attacked his wife – mother Joker – when she tried to protect herself with a kitchen knife. Then make an incision on the face Joker, is also his son the long scar at the corner of his mouth, looks like a devilish smile. He said these were the scary things his father did to his mother. However, none of what he said could be corroborated.


Currently the job of selecting actors for his own movie Joker was officially launched. Although there are not many details yet, a famous name has been targeted for the role of mother Joker. By page The WrapOscar-winning actress Frances McDormand was offered to star in the film as the mother of a criminal clown and she agreed, so the studio is continuing to find a name for “Joker mother”.

“Frances McDormand has agreed to play the Joker’s mother (played by Joaquin Phoenix) in director Todd Phillip’s Untitled Joker Origin. They wanted a name for the mother.”

Earlier descriptions of this character mentioned the name Penny – an elderly woman who was bedridden. This character is believed to be “obsessed with her former employer, believing that person could be responsible for her situation”. This will be the mother of Jokerwho spawned an iconic villain in the universe DC.

Private movie about clowns Joker with a production cost of $55 million is expected to begin filming in September this year.


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