PUBG – Eat 29 Kills, Shroud’s final couldn’t be more fulfilling

GameHubVN PUBG An 29 Kills tran chung ket cua Shroud khong the vien man hon 7 - Emergenceingame

As reported, Twitch Rivals PUBG Invitational is a tournament that brings together the best streamers of the community PUBG with big names like Chocolate Taco, DrDisRespect nice MrGrimmmz.. Therefore Shroud will have to face the biggest challenge ever when competing against gamers of their own level.


However, contrary to initial fears, Team of Shroud including Choco Taco, Chadd and Just9n crossed the finish line with amazing results. All thanks to Shroud’s talent with melancholy handling and crazy reflex skills.


The Twitch Rivals PUBG Invitational finale continues to show exactly this as Shroud leading his Team to Top 1 in War Mode couldn’t be easier with 29 Kills. Although initially receiving AWM (considered a disadvantage when War Mode requires close range guns, lots of bullets and can handle quickly), Shroud soon proved his ability when winning consecutive Kills. You can watch the entire final from Shroud’s perspective right here:

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