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Rogue Company Is one shooting game team-based third-person perspective developed by First Watch Games enter Hi-Rez release studio. In July this year, the game was launched in early access beta form for 30 USD (about 700,000 VND) and attracted a large number of gamers on many platforms. Now it will be easier for players to access this game when it has just been opened beta on October 1 and is completely free.

In Rogue Company, players will control a group of elite mercenaries working for a secret corporation, sent to carry out the most dangerous missions in the world. Rogue Company owns a variety of game modes and maps, now there are 4 game modes revealed: Extraction is a 4vs4 game mode, in which the attacking team has the task of hacking a target, the winner is decided. Determined when the target is attacked or all players on a team are eliminated. Strikeout is a variant of Extraction, in which the player can respawn after being killed, each team has a limited number of respawns per round. Demolition is a 4vs4 mode that requires a team to plant bombs within the allotted time. Finally Wingman, this is 2vs2 game mode.​


Players can control many characters in Rogue Company such as Anvil, Lancer, Dima or Chacc. Each of these characters possesses different abilities, such as creating obstacles, moving without making a sound or detecting enemy equipment in close range.

Rogue Company is currently being released on multiple platforms, including Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC, supporting cross-platform gaming. As mentioned above, currently Rogue Company is open for free, interested players can Download the PC version of the game HERE.

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