Twitch kills 2 famous streamers for making a joke about gay people

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Twitch appears to vigorously purge all potentially hateful content that appears on the platform, despite the excuses of streamer.

On her Youtube channel, Destiny expressed the confusion that the system brought down the channel stream mine. During the livestream, he cursed, cursed “idiots” and said “maybe they should go shoot Cubans or anything that crosses the sea to swim into the US, like how my mother wanted to shoot Mexicans.” “. What Destiny wasn’t sure was the punishment based on… what curse.


Also according to Destiny, some people on Twitch thought that the streamer was banned because of the reference to Cubans with disparaging connotations. However, Destiny himself is a Cuban, so this is a joke or he is… cursing himself. Gamers expressed anger: “If this is the reason, it makes me want to come back and say always ban black people cursing themselves”.

While, streamer m0e understand and accept the punishment. The gamer mentioned the word “faggot” while playing, which is a reference to gay men but m0e explained he only used it to mean “stupid”.


As for punishable behavior, Twitch has a pretty clear description: “Any malicious behavior includes content or actions that promote, encourage, or facilitate discriminatory, libelous, alienation, harassment, or violence directed at race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, health condition, physical characteristics, or identity veterans, are prohibited. Every malicious act is considered an unforgivable violation, and the accounts involved will be suspended indefinitely.

The regulation also mentions “I was just joking” objections in the content extension of “malicious behavior and harassment,” warning that streamers must make their intentions clear. Furthermore, “Ignorance is not an acceptable excuse for malicious or harassing behavior.”

m0e gamers complain on Twitter about the 30-day ban being imposed without prior warning. He took a picture on Twitch showing the 24-hour penalty guidelines for first and second offenses. However, there are also guidelines for “permanent” interrupts for “serious violations”. Apparently 2 players were placed in the second category.

Before, streamer Ninja once lost up to 40,000 followers after only 2 days of not being online during the E3 event. With a 30-day penalty, it can be said that Twitch is really serious in the process of removing malicious behavior from its platform. Meanwhile, Destiny is thinking of transferring his “political stuff” to Youtube.​

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