PUBG – Tencent helps police arrest 120 Hackers

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As has been said many times, the Hack status in PUBG is escalating and 99% of Hack accounts come from China. It is also for this reason that world gamers have asked Bluehole to lock this country and force Chinese gamers to play on its own server. However, that does not mean that within this country of 1.4 billion people there are no anti-Hack efforts.


Accordingly, the giant of the Chinese game village Tencent has successfully cooperated with the police of this country in a case to dismantle the development and distribution line of Hack tools. Reported by Bloomberg, this seems to be Tencent’s first attempt to “purify” the PUBG community before officially distributing the Korean game in its market.


Specifically, by breaking more than 30 different cases, Chinese police have arrested more than 120 suspects who are believed to be responsible for developing Hack tools. These 120 suspects have all been in prison before, most likely the author of dirty tools like see through walls or the infamous Aimbot in PUBG. This is most likely a clue that provides dirty players to make unbelievable shots, causing you to receive sudden deaths throughout the past time in PUBG.


This can be considered good news for global PUBG gamers when the responsible people are ready to hit the “grave” of those who make Hack tools in the game. Hopefully this won’t be the only milestone in the sweep of this Hack. All information about PUBG will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com for readers as soon as possible.

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