Female gamer with 2 hands PK 2 acc squirming, causing “brothers” to panic

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Recently, a clip recording a scene of a female gamer playing a game at the same time with 2 accounts on 2 different phones was posted by its owner on Facebook. Martial Arts Community Mobile could not help but attract many comments from members. Specifically, this petite girl showed off her extremely skilled PK ability when twirling around performing operations on both the phone at the same time, in a lovely “graceful” squatting position.

Indeed, according to the posted clip, the female gamer has alternated her hands flexibly controlling each phone in a very skillful and rhythmic way. Immediately she received a “rain” of compliments from other gamers, in which many “men” also had to take their hats off. It is not simple to use and control two phones to PK on two different accs at the same time like this. Because in order for the manipulations to be rhythmic and accurate, it requires players to be very quick hands, quick eyes, quick wits with a high concentration and certain gaming experience.

The image is cut from the clip

This will surprise many people even more when it is done by a girl, who is thought to be inferior to the boys in terms of gaming.


The owner of this performance is Linh Shu from server 475. In addition to the remarkable PK performance, the female gamer also made many sources laugh at her equally powerful game sitting posture. Perhaps Linh Shu should be given the title of “female gamer of the year” when just through that much is enough to see how intense her passion for the game is!

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