When Batman “kills” the Flash and takes the power

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When the devil Barbatos With an army of ghosts invading our world, he brings with him the sickest versions of Batman, the ultimate nightmares and surpassing the imagination of any transcendental mind. Those sick versions are the answer to the crossroads that Batman can choose throughout his life.. the turning points that are only an inch wrong are enough to change the entire soul of the superhero. we love. There we have The Batman who Laughs, The Drowned, The Dawnbreaker, The Merciless, The Destroyer, The Murder Machine and The Red Death.


While The Batman who Laughs – who became the second Joker after personally killing the Clown Prince has been learned by readers through a series of previous articles.., all the remaining names are almost in the mystery. . Who are we? Why did they come here? What choice makes them, who are Batman figures of justice, become monsters of their own world? Those questions were never answered.. only until Batman: Red Death open “word” for the first time.

Batman: Red Death True to its name, it takes readers back to the past of Earth-52.. where the Dark Knight swore to protect Gotham until his last breath. In the beginning, this Batman also goes through the events that we know in the early years. But soon he will have to go through the most painful series of losses of his life. All the friends, allies, family members he knew.. all the Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake and Damian Wayne.. all died in this world. Painfully, Batman realizes that even his destiny is over, and that neither technology nor money can take him any further. So he decided to do something that no one dared to think of.


Batman begins his journey to track down all the villains of Gotham City, personally ending them one by one and applying their own weapons to his bloody journey. In the end, Batman not only purifies his enemies.. The Dark Knight also slays the forces opposing the Flash. With his mind haunted to the extreme, Batman thought he would be much better at using the Speed ​​Force than the Flash and thus came to the decision to take the superpowers from Earth’s Fastest Man. Batman thinks only with the power of the Speed ​​Force can he be fast enough to appear everywhere… not only to Gotham but to the whole world. With its power, the Dark Knight can wipe evil from the face of the earth.

Using the weapons of Captain Cold, Captain Cold, Mirror Master, Heat Wave and Mister Freeze.. Batman finally restrains Flash and locks the superhero in the nose of the Batmobile. By turning the Batmobile into another version of the Cosmic Treadmill, Batman and Flash gallop towards the Speed ​​Force. But contrary to Flash’s warning that both will be torn to pieces… Batman and Flash’s bodies suddenly merge into one with the Dark Knight’s personality in complete control. With new powers in his hands, Batman donned a crimson mantle and called himself Red Death.


In the next week.. any villain who dares to threaten the world’s safety will receive a painful end at the hands of Red Death. Simply because with his new power, Batman mercilessly slaughtered the enemies before his eyes. A world of peace? No, a hell where the judge is also the executioner is probably more correct. However, even if he gets what he wants, Batman or more precisely Red Death can’t save his world.

Just like The Batman who Laughs when meeting Red Death said.. “Our world is not made to exist.. They are destined to die. A cruel law of nature in this universe. “.. But even so he still left a word with Red Death.. that if we want to save our world, we must invade other people’s world.

In the following article we will continue to learn about Murder Machine, another sick version between Cyborg and Batman.. or more precisely Alfred.


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