How to revive a teammate in Free Fire OB26

Free Fire OB26 just added a new feature, allowing players to bring teammates back from the dead. Let’s find out with how to revive teammates in Garena Free Fire How is it!

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Free Fire OB26 or Free Fire OB26 Advanced Server has officially opened the door for players to test all new features. Besides new pets & characters, you’ll also find teammates revive in Free Fire OB26. In fact, this feature is already available in many battle royale titles such as Call of Duty: Warzone, Apex Legends

Resurrection of allies in Free Fire will only be available in Classic mode, not in Ranked Mode. Here it is how to use the revival feature of teammates in Free Fire OB26.

How to revive a teammate in Free Fire OB26

Obviously, team resurrection can only be done in Duo and Squad modes. The prerequisite to use this feature is when one of the players on the team dies. You need to find rectangular areas on the map. These areas will be marked with hearts. While in this zone, you can regenerate dead comrades.

Note, these respawn zones are pretty much on the Free Fire map and only show up after a few minutes.

How to regenerate teammates in Free Fire

Instructions to revive teammates in Garena Free Fire

To revive a teammate playing Free Fire, you need a Revive card. Each card can only regenerate one person.

The operator buys a Revive card in Free Fire

Where to get a Free Fire Revive card? It is only available in Vending Machine for 4 tokens. You need to stay in the respawn zone for 15 seconds to bring your teammates back to life. The zone will then turn green and become unusable for 1 minute.

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Stand in the area to revive your teammates in Free Fire

The above is how to revive a teammate when playing Free Fire OB26. Hope the article is useful to you.

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