Free Fire: Secret defense to own Booyah easily

Defense is an essential skill in the Free Fire battlefield that you need to master if you want to play like a pro. Here are some Best defense tips in Free Fire.

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Best defense tips when playing Free Fire

Even if you have mastered Free Fire, you still need to know how to defend against the enemy. If not, you can hardly get regular Booyah if you just attack. Practice hard and master the tips below to win more in Free Fire Please!

  • Always have a shield in melee combat: Always stand behind walls, large barrels or stairs, then wait for enemies to approach and be ready for a surprise attack when melee in a building.
Shields when fighting in Free Fire
  • If running in an open area, quickly create a Gloo Wall – Bomb glue or find nearby trees to hide. You can use Gloo Wall to cover your back while running left or right to avoid enemy bullets. Then attacked from behind Gloo Wall. You can pretend to look left, then change direction to the right to surprise the enemy, even create some layers of glue bombs to deceive the enemy.
Create Gloo Wall jamming enemies in Free Fire
  • Headshot focus is another defensive trick in Free Fire. If you don’t move and avoid bullets while shooting, you will be knocked out. Therefore, you need to drag the joystick to move to the left while shooting the target on the right.
  • Choose a higher location to camp such as the top floor of the factory, the tower, or the terrace. You can lie on these areas to avoid detection or being shot.
  • You can hide in water storage areas without holding your breath. The enemy is almost undetectable when you sit still there.
  • Role-playing character Wukong in Free Fire And use his power to turn into a bush and avoid getting hurt by the enemy.
  • Drag the joystick to activate autorun, causing the character to keep running while avoiding bullets.
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Defense tips for fast Booyah in Free Fire

Above are some Safety tips in Free Fire. Hope the article helps you quickly own it Booyah by Free Fire.

Updated: 11/14/2020

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