Free Fire: The most popular gun duo in the game

Experienced players in Free Fire will always use 2 gun combinations instead of relying on just one main gun. The following article will summarize the pair of guns that gamers love to use in Free Fire.

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Free Fire: The most popular gun duo in the game

AWM – MP40

The AWM called “sniper king” is no stranger to Free Fire gamers. Combined with the small lightweight MP40, with a high rate of fire to fight enemies at close range, this is an extremely powerful gun pair.

The downside of this pair of guns is that the AWM is quite difficult to find and only drops in the box. In addition, the MP40 has an impressive rate of fire, but its damage and accuracy are not very good.

Groza – M79

The second pair of guns that players should use is the Groza and the M79. With the power, accuracy and speed of the gun considered the best – Groza, gamers will easily take down targets near or far. Adding the amazing wide-area destructive power of the M79 grenade launcher, gamers will no longer be afraid of hidden targets in the house or narrow terrain.

The minus point of these guns is also that they are quite difficult to find like the AWM above.

AK47 – M1014

If the above guns are quite difficult to find, the player can consider using the AK47 and M1014 guns. Of course, the weakness of this pair of guns is the difficulty in attacking long range. But when it comes to short-range attack, really not a single pair of guns can match.

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To make good use of the power of this duo, players should take advantage of the home terrain, or many hiding places, rather than fighting in empty terrain.

M249 – M1873

The last pair of guns is a combination of a gun with the most ammo in Free Fire – M249 and a shotgun with great damage – M1873

This is a pair that helps players almost never run out of ammo and still achieve high damage, even at close range.

Wish you have a lot of “kills” with the above pairs of guns!

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