Get acquainted with the game Talking Tom Cat 2

Talking Tom Cat2 HD large - Emergenceingame

Talking Tom Cat 2 is an extremely hot entertainment game for kids and girlfriends. Here, players will make friends with the cute and mischievous Tom cat with many fun interactions. Not only capable of parodying exactly what you say in a super cute voice, in this version of Talking Tom Cat 2, Tom cat combined with super crazy dog ​​Ben will create more funny action scenes.

In the tutorial “Get to know Talking Tom Cat 2 game” hey, will introduce to players Basic game interface and main features so you don’t be surprised when you download it for the first time. Overall, this is the game is quite simple, Even children can play on their own without the help of parents. However, to fully grasp the features that Talking Tom Cat version 2 provides, you can refer to the tips below.

Get acquainted with the game Talking Tom Cat 2

Talking Tom Cat 2 has more features than version 1 but is much simpler than its successor My Talking Tom. The main interface is intuitively organized with 12 items as on the picture.

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The feature cluster on the upper left of the screen includes 2 icons: camcorder and film reel. Tap the camcorder to start recording a video of Tom cat. You should see this icon blink and turn bright red. While filming, interact with cat Tom such as tickling, punching, and chatting so that Tom can mimic it with a very cute voice. Players can touch any part of Tom’s cat to see how he reacts.

To stop recording, tap the camcorder again to go to the next screen. Here you can Playback the recorded video when the Play button is pressed, Share them on social networks Facebook, YouTube, by email or simply save them in the Photos of the device (iOS) or Videos (Android). When you choose to share, the video will be converted to the appropriate format for you to post.

Click on the reel icon to watch Tom’s Video Gallery. Here you can find game trailers, videos recorded by Out Fit 7 or videos recorded by players and shared on social networks.

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The feature cluster on the upper right of the screen is the Set up the app and introduce the new Out Fit 7 app. Press the smiley icon to access the settings, including activating the mode Child Mode unsupervised play for kids, other basic settings, an introduction to Tom’s toys, leaderboards and basic gameplay.

The New cat face icon is the place to introduce the company’s newly launched applications, which you can refer to to download. These are all entertainment apps and free games with animal themes.

Talking Tom Cat2 HD 7 - Emergenceingame

Click on the game console icon on the left side of the screen to access the mini game section. Talking Tom Cat 2 has only one game Tom the cat climbs the pole. The player’s task is to touch 2 circles on the screen to jump up the corresponding ladder. If the 2 steps are adjacent, tap the circle on the left, if the 2 columns are far apart, tap the circle on the right. You have 30 seconds to make a turn. Along the way, don’t forget to collect gold and watches to get extra hours. The amount of gold collected and the distance you jump will be counted in the final score, which is converted into gold to buy items.

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Next, press the paper bag icon to Meet Ben the dog. Ben will tease Tom making Tom jump high and swing on the chandelier. Ben is a super mischievous dog and means a lot of mischief that makes Tom confused, even scared.

Talking Tom Cat2 HD 11 - Emergenceingame

This time, Ben will be more mischievous when “dropping the bomb” and making a sound that is not polite. Tom cat can only cover his nose and shake his head in disgust.

Talking Tom Cat2 HD 11 2 - Emergenceingame

On the right side of the screen, at the top is the icon shopping store. Here you can buy more pack gold coins, buy things for cat Tom. However, the item is quite expensive, you keep accumulating money gradually and then it’s not too late to buy it later!

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Hidden behind the question mark are the surprises that Talking Tom Cat 2 game for you. Tom will appear different, sometimes with a cake, sometimes with a set of cutlery, sometimes even romantic with a red rose. But don’t forget there’s still dog Ben lurking around. If Tom holds a cake, it is very likely that he will have Ben put the whole cake in his face to make the player laugh.

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2 icons in the lower right corner of the screen are feathers and iPhone. Touching the feather icon, the dog Ben will immediately appear, smashing the pillow straight into Tom’s face, causing the chicken feathers to float in the air. Such a romantic image, isn’t it? When you click on the iPhone, Tom will pull an iPhone with his photo on it in front of the screen. This is also the most confusing feature in the game.

So it’s just introduced to you about the basic features in the game Talking Tom Cat 2. Have fun playing the game!

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