PUBG male gamer was “caught” because he specializes in “borrowing temporary clothes” at net shops

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Pretending to borrow a stranger’s phone or property and then take advantage of the loophole to run away are no stranger to theft tricks. Many people because of their kindness and gullibility have unfortunately lost everything to the bad guys. This is also the case in many places net shop – a place that is considered a gathering place of a multitude of complex components and is also a place often under the gaze of “2-fingered” practitioners.

Recently, on a PUBG forum, a male gamer with the Facebook nickname VVH was accused of stealing a phone at a net shop. According to known information, this young man sat on the net playing PUBG, then pretended to borrow the phone of the player next to him to order rice. But then with the phone “flying” disappeared without anyone knowing. The property taken away was an iPhone 7 plus.


More information is known, this is not the first time “practicing” of this subject but many people, including many net shop owner On this occasion, he also denounced the guy who had used the trick of “borrowing temporary items” many times and then ran away like this.

And also recently, on a forum net businessthe latest development provided by a shop owner is that this young man has now been “caught” at Aces Gaming Ha Long with his “borrowing” behavior.


As mentioned above, the fact that this form of phone fraud is no longer a rare occurrence or a new trick when many victims due to gullibility have unfortunately encountered similar situations. In this case, the subject who pretends to borrow the phone and then flees may be criminally prosecuted for acts of fraud and appropriation of property according to the provisions of Article 139 of the Penal Code on crimes of fraud and appropriation of property.

“1. A person who, by deceitful tricks, appropriates another person’s property valued between two million dong and under fifty million dong or under two million dong but causes serious consequences or has been administratively sanctioned for for appropriating or having been sentenced for the crime of appropriating property, not yet entitled to criminal record remission, but still commit it, shall be sentenced to non-custodial reform for up to three years or a prison term of between six months and three years.

However, if the offender is a minor, his or her sentence will be reduced. This is specified in “Chapter X: Regulations for juvenile offenders”.

This is also considered as a cautionary lesson for anyone, should be careful before intending to help or lend their belongings and property to others.

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