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Game developer PUBG announced that it will change the reward mechanism in the game, the longer the survival time, the more rewards and BP gamers will receive.

Change the BP calculation mechanism:

Currently, BP is calculated according to the mechanism of Rank (Rank) + Number of kills (Kills) + Damage dealt (Hits). Since this calculation of BP is based on in-game performance, the difference in strength between gamers will create a rather large difference in the BP they receive. In addition to strength, the way gamers play also leads to a difference in BP. For example, compared to gamers who avoid fighting for ‘survival’, players who have just entered and quickly killed other players will receive more BP.

Another problem is that, when choosing different modes of play and maps, the BP received is also different. According to statistics, more than half of the games are designed in the style of Team battle. That is to say, there are many gamers who prefer to play in a 4-player style rather than Solo or Duo. But if playing Team, the BP that players receive through each match will be lower than Solo, leading to a situation where gamers who like to play in a team of four will find it difficult to earn BP.


As another example, the Sanhok map is a bit smaller than the Miramar map, suitable for quick matches. So if you play on the Sanhok map, you will get more BP. Statistics show that the BP obtained when playing on the Sanhok map is 1,409 times higher than when playing on the Miramar map.

To solve the above problems, game developers will improve the BP calculation mechanism, adding a completely new element in this mechanism, which is survival time. In other words, BP will later be calculated according to the formula Kills + Damage dealt + Survival time + Rank. A gamer’s survival time is not only calculated based on the time that the player survives, but also considers factors such as taking care of new players, preventing repeated replays.


BP bonus structure:

Previously: Kill Bonus + Damage Deal Bonus + Rank Bonus

Now: Kill Bonus + Damage Deal Bonus + Survival Time Bonus + Rank Bonus

In this change of BP bonus structure, the developer of this game not only added a new element to the BP calculation mechanism, but also adjusted the bonus ranking, damage, kills, maps, ways play. Through this adjustment, the rewards that gamers receive will be more balanced.​

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