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PUBG is phasing out the fee box


System loot box of the PUBG being adjusted, the lock box will be removed completely. Unlike CS: GO’s system, players need to buy keys for $2.50 or higher on Steam Marketplace to open the gift box. But come December 18, this will change. At that time, all gift boxes can be unlocked using BP – the bounty in PUBG.

The changes are explained in detail on PUBG’s website. Chests purchased with BP will not be locked starting December 18. Previously purchased locked crates will still be opened the same way. The developer confirmed that the rate of “dropping” the keyboxes has been steadily decreasing for a while, but has not resolved the issue, so they decided to change it completely.


According to information from the developer: “The value of salable loot boxes in PUBG is determined by the player, receiving or reselling items on the store is also a PUBG experience. However, the locked chests have the lowest value among PUBG items. This means that the paid crates are not the most attractive rewards, making the transaction of keyboxes boring.”

The developers also shared: “We’ve thought carefully about this and want to make sure that PUBG doesn’t follow the footsteps of other games with similar fees. We’ll continue. adjust the way it works so that it can deliver value for the money players spend.”


After adjusting the BP crate, “hot skins” will appear at lower levels and the AR skins will be “uniformly distributed” among all levels in the crate. In addition, the overall graphical quality of the chests has been improved and the rate of obtaining secondary crates has increased by 20%. High level crates still have a low drop rate.”

New key chests will no longer be available in PUBG starting December 18, players will still be able to purchase old crates on the Steam Marketplace. Keys will only be sold to players who already have a key chest. The new Venetian ark will go on sale on November 20 for a one-week period. Players can find out more details about the above box type here.​

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