Clan CFL holds exciting offline events everywhere

After a year with CFL, clan Taiwan Star has achieved certain success in the community. With a fairly large number of members up to 180 members, up to 80-90% are living, studying and working in Taiwan. They have been through a lot of ups and downs but still stand shoulder to shoulder and often offline sharing experiences and passion with CFL.” class=”lazy bbCodeImage LbImage” alt='[​IMG]’/>​

Taiwan Star clan representative shared: “Established on September 16, 2017. At the beginning of the clan, there were only a few brothers and over time the clan members increased. Remember when it was first established and when it was first offline, there were only 5 brothers participating, but now the number has reached dozens of people. Remember there was a time when the clan ranked 32nd on the chart, but within 1 month, it dropped to 46, but not because of that, you guys gave up.


At the same time, after the offline time at Taichung station, the clan members of the Board of Directors cheered to unite to rebuild the clan stronger and within just over a month Clan Taiwan Star was from 4x rank to 26th in the rankings. Clans. At its peak, the clan reached 180 members and always considered each other as brothers and sisters, helping each other in fame and outside life. On average, every 2 months, clans organize offline once and they all change to different offline locations to be suitable for brothers and sisters. My clan doesn’t hack, doesn’t cause war to build a stronger and stronger CFL common house.”


Last week also marked an important milestone for the clan Da Thanh. Clan is the place to gather gunners in Da Nang and neighboring provinces in the Central region under one roof.

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Representative of Da Thanh clan, Duy said: “Although it was just established on June 11, 2018, the brothers in the clan are very united in sharing experiences and climbing ranks together. Not only helping each other in the game, but also participating in outside activities to increase cohesion. Talking about memories, there are brothers who left the top clan to come here to build a strong clan one day.


Not only the brothers in Da Nang actively participate in the CFL Monthly Cup, but members of the Quang Nam and Hue regions are also not afraid to participate. The biggest desire of the Da Thanh brothers is to bring the Central CFL community on par with the gaming communities in the country. Thanks to the useful activities of NPH VNG, I hope that Da Thanh clan will contribute a common voice to the country’s e-sports.”


Not only Taiwan Star or Da Thanh, but most of the CFL clans are always actively participating and organizing exciting activities to connect hearts with the same voice and passion for e-sports. CrossFire Legends. Gunners all over the country, if you haven’t joined a clan, quickly join now to make friends and participate in these fun and meaningful activities.


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