How to finish Far Cry 5 in just 15 minutes

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Far Cry 5, similar to other Far Cry games, are built to bring players into an open world with many options. Such a game, of course, will take you many hours to be able to complete. However, that rule did not limit the imagination of game makers, when they “decided” for Far Cry 5 to end within 15 minutes, if the player played it “the right way”. . Of course, that’s just a “for fun” ending, and will definitely make you load the game to play again.


The events in Far Cry 5 are all set in an imaginary town called Hope County in Montana. Here, almost all the people are followers of a religion that must be led by Joseph Seed. They trusted him blindly, and were willing to kill anyone at the behest of this “Father” man. Your ultimate goal in this game is to do everything to force Joseph Seed to be punished by the law.


As the game begins, the player will follow their boss and the Hope County sheriff into the church where Seed is preaching. Your boss orders you to go ahead and arrest Seed, who is surprisingly “cooperative” as he holds out his hand to you. If you are busy waiting for a few minutes, the story will go in an “unthinkable” direction. The sheriff will stop you, and lead you all out of the church. “If you handcuff him, none of us will get out of here alive,” the sheriff said, and Far Cry 5 ended “smackly” right after that.

In fact, this is not the first time a game in the Far Cry series has a hidden ending like this. In Far Cry 4, there is a time when the boss Pagan Min (the final boss of the game) will tell you to sit still while he handles some work. Most players take advantage of this opportunity to escape from his mansion and explore his surroundings. However, if you wait as instructed, Pagan Min will return, allowing you to end the game as his assistant. Obviously, the ending of Far Cry 5 is also designed in the same way.


Of course, the above ending is just a joke for the game makers. Back when you were ordered to capture Seed, if you do, all 3 will have to extradite Seed to a helicopter parked not far away. However, soon after, Seed followers will rush to the helicopter taking off, causing it to fall to the ground, and the whole team will be seriously injured. Seed will then return to his followers, just like his earlier statement. On the contrary, you and your teammates will fall into the scene of being hunted fiercely. The game has only just begun.

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