Jun Vu constantly “listens” before ROS mobile updates first-person perspective

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Before coming to the optimization information and update New content this afternoon on April 18, let’s watch Jun Vu come back with a super cute aura.

Whether lying horizontally or lying on the back, the most important thing is the attitude

Still hearing, feel free to get stuck just because of gluttony

Let’s go through the new content, optimize the system and fix the bugs of ROS mobile after maintenance and update from 14:00 to 16:00 this afternoon, April 18.

Maintenance content:

End of season S1, beginning of season S2. Remove the leaderboard and stats related stats from the current season tab of the Trophies page, add the Trophy History tab, and move the non-seasonal stats in. Bonus S0 will be sent by mail. Bonus S1 will be distributed based on the highest tier of the season:

  • Grand Master tier: 50 High-Supply Vouchers, Glorious S1 Outfit, “Master S1” mark
  • Diamond Tier: 33 High-Supply Vouchers, Glory S1 Outfit, “Elite S1” mark
  • Platinum tier: 25 High-Supply Vouchers, Glorious Outfit S1
  • Gold Tier: 16 High-Supply Vouchers, Commemorative Costume S1
  • Silver Tier: 8 Supply Vouchers-High
  • Bronze tier: 5 Supply Vouchers-High

New content:

  • Add mode first viewafter loading first-person data, the Warrior can freely switch between first-person and third perspective.
  • Added leaderboard for each country.
  • Open a new feature – National Arena (World Arena). In the game, Warriors from the same country will gather to fight an alliance of Warriors from another country. (April 18 launch, April 23 starts World Arena season 1).
  • Open the livestream feature, you can watch live Warriors competing in the arena.

Basic experience:

  • Adjust the character’s standing position in the lobby.
  • Add sound effects.
  • Adjusted the rules for creating new equipment and reducing the number of equipment in Fearless Fiord map.
  • Optimized many lag points.
  • Optimized lobby feature.


  • Adjust the avatar size in the lobby.
  • In the Fashion view, add a display of the limited page’s duration.
  • Error correction:
  • Fixed a bug where limited props could not be logged in.
  • Fixed a bug where the nameplate was not displayed on top of teammates.
  • Fixed the display error of Lady Rabbit, Bac Thuong Quyen Vuong and My Hou Vuong.

Let’s join Jun Vu and Le Duong Bao Lam immediately in the battle for survival Rules of Survival mobile for a fresh first-person experience this afternoon!

Learn more about Rules of Survival mobile:

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