PUBG has a new anti-Hack tool, asking gamers to delete this software immediately

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PUBG and the problem of Hack / Cheat in the game is one of the extremely headache problems for gamers in recent months. Even so, so far an extremely large number of players are still asking for it Bluehole must lock for the China region – where is considered the source of 99% of Hack accounts in the game. However, the players themselves must also admit that it is only a temporary solution and PUBG still needs a more strict anti-Hack method to keep fans.


And as expected of gamers, PUBG today officially launched the new anti-Hack tool integrated into the game. Specifically, this brand new system will completely block 3rd party software that allows players to change the original image or gameplay of PUBG. This results in gamers having to completely remove one of the most popular software in the PUBG community from their PC.


Official Bluehole announcement.


As the developer announced, the image changer of PUBG is that ReShade will be locked. This tool is not inherently considered a Hack / Cheat but simply for players to tweak the quality of graphics such as light, contrast, color ..vv only. However, it is worth mentioning that the Hack/Cheat tools use ReShade and many other software such as backdoors to break into PUBG.


One thing that gamers should also pay attention to is video recording or screenshot capture software such as Shadowplay of the GeForce Experience (Nvidia), FRAPS, OBS..vv may also be temporarily locked while the developer improves the quality of the anti-Hack/Cheat system. If you know a software that does not change the image or gameplay of PUBG and still blocked, you can fill out the developer form here:

Update: PUBG’s official social networking site has just announced that the new anti-hack tool Update has been delayed due to a compatibility issue. Emergenceingame.Com will update with the latest information when Bluehole announces more.

Update 2 (February 8, 2018): After a few days of delay, the new anti-Hack method has been officially applied to PUBG. Simultaneously, the sound of bombs exploding in the Red Zone was also adjusted.

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