Condor Hero – The miserable owner of the state was crushed by the whole state and decided not to find “bears”

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Although not every girl who plays games is just to go “listening”. But in fact, whether male or female, if you are in the “Forever Alone” state, when playing the game, you also want to find yourself a suitable first half, or at least a soulmate. . The female gamer of Hero of Condor in the sharing below is no exception. Than is a female boss who manages many members, possesses a fighting force that many admire, but inherently like many other girls, our girl also needs a son to protect and protect her. protect and love. Unfortunately, this female boss has slimy “juniors” too much to allow, determined to beat the boss, not giving the owner a chance to have a “bear” with anxiety … “it has The bear will not take care of the state’s affairs anymore.”


She regretfully lamented her fate: “Playing the game since the first day of opening the server, but until now, I have not met the person to give my body. If you have a crush, your crush says your fighting power is so high, why are you defending. Finally, the old man ran to take care of a cute flower girl. It wasn’t until recently that I was too embarrassed to go to the channel to find a lover, but some men demanded to set up a killing pt so that the state would rule until the day the game crashed. I’m a girl too, I need protection too. All day he was killed by the top and called his soul on the channel. The deputy marshal was poisoned by abcxyz”.​

Before her fate, this female boss had to exclaim: “Having half of the Great Song but no brother”

The series of messages proves the difficulty of the members of the state

However, before her story of suffering, many people do not find it difficult to realize that this is indeed a high-class “hearing”.


These are the funniest and most enthusiastic members of the solar system when thinking about the state’s big picture, but daring to oppose the lifetime happiness of their master like this. But don’t get too bogged down, maybe when the boss has a lover, a happy, comfortable personality, what will make things better? After all, the boss is also a girl, and girls always need to be loved, protected, and protected!

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