Warface’s PUBG mode is officially live!

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PUBG is the hottest game today with huge revenue and an unbelievable number of gamers. Because of that, PUBG became a target for many games to follow.. wanting to recreate the Battle Royale style in its own right. Warface – title FPS Online in the hands of the father Crysisis a prime example of them.


Although the development team is still facing difficulties and has just transferred the publishing role to another name, Warface is still cared for and catching up with new trends. With PUBG becoming so popular, MMOFPS This also has a Battle Royale mode of its own. And today that Battle Royale mode has officially landed on the international version of the game.


Specifically, this mode of Warface will take place on a narrower scale with 15 players being dropped on a desert map with no weapons in hand. Gradually rummage through nearby buildings or terrain that new players have in their possession to defend themselves and destroy enemies. With a fairly large map, the game will also apply the death circle mechanism to push players into extremely tense gunfights, thereby finding the last survivor.

Although this style is no longer strange to PUBG gamers, it should be remembered Warface Designed for close range gunfights. Therefore, when gamers are placed in a more liberal context, parallel to the first-person perspective, Warface will certainly bring an extremely tense and suspenseful experience.


All details about the Battle Royale game mode of Warface With the new Update for the international version, readers can see details here: https://wf.my.com/en/news/1215149.html

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