PUBG Chinese version has new features – Preparing to lock the server?

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PUBG and China are the two most discussed nouns in recent months, especially related to the issue of Hack/Cheat and the international server locking for this country. PUBG fans themselves are no stranger to Hacker status and the developer also confirmed that 99% of the “banned” accounts are from China.

Hacker’s abuse.

This issue arose in parallel with the announcement of the Chinese government that it would ban the international version of PUBG in the future because the game contains content that is contrary to culture. Right after that Tencent suddenly spoke out about the fact that he will be the publisher of PUBG in his home country and the domestic version of PUBG will be modified to fit the fine traditions. Not only that, this game company also announced 2 versions PUBG Mobile new, which was in beta several weeks ago.


However, in the latest development, Tencent also revealed more information about the PC version, specifically through 2 completely new features. First, this version will have a Report mechanism outside the Main Menu with results notifying players within 72 hours. And the second is “Veteran Honor” or “Honor veterans”, a function that helps gamers who have played PUBG can connect their Steam account with Tencent’s account. This connection will bring them many valuable rewards such as shirts, achievements, titles… which are items only available in the Chinese version.


It is worth mentioning that through this announcement, Tencent seems to have confirmed the version PUBG China will have its own account system and completely separate from Steam. In parallel with the Chinese government’s warning about the original version containing inappropriate content, while the Steam Community itself has just been blocked here.., it is highly likely that the official PUBG will be banned in China. in the near future, giving way to Tencent’s version. In short, it’s “good” equivalent to PUBG officially locking the international server for this country.

This can be interesting news for the vast majority of the gaming community in the world, who have been “protesting” to demand that China be locked from the international server for the past few months. However, so far, everything is still just speculation, so Emergenceingame.Com will continuously update official information about PUBG for readers as soon as possible.

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