All About Brigitte – Overwatch’s New Feminist Icon

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In fact, Brigitte appeared once last November in the short film “Honor and Glory” by Overwatch. Brigitte then wanted to advise her father’s close friend, Reinhardt, not to return to Overwatch. Her attempt obviously failed, as Reinhardt was already the game’s super Tanker. Right from that moment, with her good-looking appearance, Brigitte immediately received admiration from fans.

Live in Glory, Die in Glory

Back after 3 months (in real life), it seems Brigitte has understood Reinhardt’s thoughts, as she herself became a member of Overwatch. It is even more likely that Brigitte will become an even more popular character, as she will take on the role of Paladin, both Tanker and Healer of the team.

Brigitte official trailer

Right now, when Brigitte has not been officially released, many gamers have assured that she will be their “main” in the near future. It is even more likely that Torbjorn’s daughter will also become a familiar face in the Overwatch League arena, as she can take on both the roles of Tanker and Healer at the same time. Must know, in professional matches, these are two indispensable and decisive roles to the victory or defeat of the whole match.​


Brigitte uses a rocket slam to deal damage, sometimes to multiple enemies at once. Her passive skill, Inspire, heals nearby allies over time. When necessary, Brigitte can greatly increase that ability by creating “first aid boxes” to heal allies or buff their armor (if the person is already full of blood). Similar to Reinhardt, Brigitte also has the ability to create a large shield to absorb damage or sweep across enemies. Finally, her Rally move will give her side a huge amount of armor, while also speeding herself up so Brigitte can transform into a tank that sweeps across the battlefield.​


Brigitte is currently a hot topic on social networks with her beautiful appearance and feminist icon. Brigitte’s unique fanarts are constantly being praised and loved. Besides, even Brigitte’s cat is being jokingly called Overwatch’s 28th Hero by fans.

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