True story: Schools reward money for playing games

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For us, playing games is always something that goes against learning. Parents always threaten their children with “play less, worry about learning”, “just play a lot of games and you will learn poorly” or many, many sentences like that. For the media, playing games is also an act worth criticizing with the countless cases that they have covered extensively over the years.​


Therefore, for us game enthusiasts, it is really strange to hear that the school will start awarding scholarships to students who are good at gaming. Indeed, you did not hear wrong because starting this fall the University of Illinois, USA will start awarding scholarships to its students through gaming.​


This decision stems from the fact that eSports is becoming a thriving sport in the lives of young people every day. Being broadcast on sports channels and the appearance of large-scale tournaments with professional competition is the motivation for universities to start including esport in their activities.

Coach Christian Matlock – The person in charge of esport management at the University of Illinois shared.


However, Illois is not the only place participating in the wave of gaming and receiving scholarships at universities. Robert Morris University has also established a separate Competition Team with a practice schedule of 20 to 30 hours per week, in addition to research time and extra-curricular activities related to the game. Robert Morris’ team will aim to play about 20 to 30 professional games per year.


There was also an intercollegiate tournament around the game League of Legends (League of Legends), allowing participating students to win prestigious awards as well as valuable scholarships. Above all, with this tournament being formed, the coaches of the schools also have to take care of the recruitment work by monitoring the students’ Rank rankings, thereby meeting the best Team in the school.


Indeed with this information, the gaming community in general feels happier than ever because eSports is finally recognized for its place in the school.​

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