Single dad and happy landing journey thanks to Audition

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Online games are not just games, but also a destination of happiness, where many young men and women find love, the true half of their lives. And even for those who have failed, failed in their married life, the family still has the right to allow themselves to dream of another loving half from within this virtual world like a single father. body and journey to a happy landing thanks Audition share below.

Our mentioned main character is Tran Tuan Anh, currently living in Hanoi. Choosing a sad ending is becoming a single father from the age of 25, now his son is 28 months old. It seems that this is an extremely difficult responsibility for this male gamer, but looking at the way Tuan Anh takes care of his small child, patiently holding a bowl of rice in his hand, feeding each spoonful of food will feel it. the care and love that he has for his little son.


The images used in the article are cut from the reportage clip made by BQT Audition

“I am a single father, like other men, I always want to be a complete family. The thing that makes me worry and wish the most is to find a girl who understands me, sympathizes and loves Baby Powder like me.” Tuan Anh shared in a reportage clip made by BQT Audition.


And that girl came, like a cool breeze to soothe the life of father and son to become cooler and more beautiful. Perhaps it was fate that brought two complete strangers closer together thanks to the game they were attached to.

Tuan Anh and Huyen met in an Audition Offline competition. Huyen’s first impression of this single father was nothing special. Tattooed appearance, often teasing people, but that is not the ideal man in her eyes. And even what Tuan Anh shared about his life, Huyen did not fully believe in it.


However, after a while, when she had the opportunity to interact more with his family, Huyen even realized the sincerity of this guy for her. Sharing about Huyen, Tuan Anh commented that this is an extremely beautiful and lovely girl, especially taking care of his son very attentively, from food to sleep. He personally respects and wants to have a serious, long-term relationship with this girl.


And so, their love rests in happiness. The 14km distance between the two houses seems to be getting closer every day. There is nothing happier and more satisfying than being with the person you love, who knows how to share and understand you better than anyone. Tuan Anh and Huyen are lucky to have found each other among millions of people in this virtual world. Therefore, let’s give the best wishes to the admirable love of the couple!

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