ArcheAge Begins is the best Korean MMORPG for the 2nd season

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Do you still remember the game? MMORPG ArcheAge Begins, a graphic masterpiece from Korea released last year, the game is said to be a masterpiece with impeccable graphics, which Korean game makers are always interested in. Not to mention the game also owns a large world with rich activities. ArcheAge Begins paints an unmistakable fantasy world.


After the success of the PC version, of course the game cannot help but capture the exciting mobile market, with the release on mobile, the game has achieved certain success and received a lot of love from fans. .


After the success of part 1, of course, it is obvious that another game season comes out and recently the developer has posted a video highlighting the second season of the game.

Through the update of part 2, a lot of content has been updated, but mainly fighting monsters on the map “Elenna Libary”. When falling into this map, it will be quite difficult for the player to fight monsters when there are 4 monsters at the same time attacking you. Besides, many types of monsters are also added in the game. With the weapon of the Hero will depend on the type of monster to transform, accordingly, the effect also depends on the player’s level. And yet with this update to help players level up quickly, daily tasks will be added.

The release date for this new part of the game is unknown at this time. All the latest information will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com.​

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