Husband taught his wife how to play games and then regretted sitting and taking care of children so that his wife would be free to fight

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When playing games, passionate and pursuing games, many gamers are distracted by complaints from “lovers” because sometimes they love games more than their girlfriends. That’s why there are many funny stories surrounding the eternal dilemma: “That person and the game, who do you choose?”.

However, women and the game are not always on opposite sides. Because as you know, the gaming community is not only full of men, but also has many beautiful “pink balls”. And I must admit that any guy who falls in love with someone who has the same hobby and passion for games with him is an extremely lucky thing. Because then they will not have to fall into trouble, trouble, wondering with game options or girlfriends anymore.

But around the story “my wife or girlfriend is a female gamer” there are always a thousand and one different funny situations. Don’t think that only boys love to play the game ‘forgetting the way back’, but even women themselves, once engaged in the game, cannot escape the scene of eating with the game, sleeping with the game. The headache here is none other than our guys.

As recently, the confidant of a trot guy teach my wife to play games So now I have to sit and take care of the children for my wife to have hands-free combat, which was shared on an online forum, causing many people to “cry and laugh”.


The husband’s regretful confession is also a “warning” that he sends to other “brothers” not to stumble in his own mistakes: “I strongly advise you to never teach your wife to play games.” Accompanying this experience is a clip of the guy struggling to comfort his young child, while the wife is engrossed in the end of the match.

Usually people will think of the opposite situation, that is, the husband plays the game and the wife takes care of the children, so this tearful face of adversity makes many people “fire”.


Through this, the sisters will probably also have a more sympathetic look at the gaming preferences of their boyfriends, lovers, and husbands. Because once they have embarked on the path of pursuing games, true game enthusiasts, not only boys but even girls, are really hard to give up, just like “no one can stop you”. the heart has already fallen in love.” Eating together, sleeping together, getting drunk with the game are common stories “Behind a gamer”. And conversely, the husbands through this proof also partly understand how their wives feel when they are tired and want to ask their husbands to share the household chores while the brothers are absorbed in playing games!

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